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Moblie FAKE BAKE & SIENNA X Spray tanning in Surrey & London


Have you ever had a spray tan?

Alexandra Beauty Bar offers Spray tanning throughout Surrey and London, this is the perfect way to achieve a natural, healthy, bronzed look! It is no secret that all around the world tanners are switching off their sunbeds, avoiding the harsh sun and turning to the new and fabulous concept of spray tanning!

There really is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you have a natural healthy looking glow. Not only do you look fabulous but you feel fantastic too!

You will be amazed at the brilliant results, a stunning safe tan in less than 20 minutes!

I use top quality products from Fake Bake & Sienna x offering you a range of different colour variations to suit all skin types from the very fair to the more olive skin tones & those wanting a deeper darker tan.

Hen Nights / Pre - Holiday Tans / Wedding Parties / Special Occasions or even just for an evening out - there really is no reason NOT to have a spray tan these days!

If you would like less on your face or maybe a darker tan on your legs, you just let me know and I can do it!

You may wish to visit me in Surrey or you may wish to relax in the comfort of your own home? If so, I will visit your home with my pop-up booth and kit so that you can have your tan and then relax at home while the tan works its magic.

Spray Tan Parties, Pamper Parties & Eyelash Parties

Get a group of friends together and have a girly tanning night!

Minimum of 5 people and the host gets a FREE tan!

Prior to and on the day of your tan - The day before your tan you should exfoliate your entire body. This can be done using an exfoliating lotion, scrubbing mitt, loofah or dry body brush.

Shaving and Waxing - It is best to shave or wax at least 12 hours before your tanning appointment. Waxing during the life of your tan will remove it, so we recommend that you do not wax for at least 7 days after the application.

Creams and Lotions - Do not apply body or face creams prior to having your tan - this can act as a barrier on the skin and prevent the tan solution from developing. You will also need to remove your deodorant and make-up before having your tan.

What to wear - Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and preferably sandals, so that your feet do not sweat and interfere with your tan. During the tan you can either wear

  • Nothing (if you do not want lines! For the very brave)
  • Underwear
  • Bikini

After your tan - For 8 hours following your tan you should

  • Not wear tight clothing or wash your hands
  • Not vigorously exercise - Perspiring can alter the chemical reaction of the tan
  • Not swim, bath or shower
  • Not apply moisturiser

When you have your first post tan shower, do not be alarmed if you see the colour washing off - this is just the surface colour and does not affect your tan and you also need louboutin wedges schoenen.

Tan Maintenance - Apply moisturiser morning and night - a well hydrayted skin is essential to maintaining a longer life for your tan

Please note - some moisturisers and lotions contain an ingredient called Alpha Hydroxyl Acid. This is used to to increase exfoliation so using these will shorten the life of your tan. Applying oils to your skin will also remove your tan.

Side effects & Contra-Indications - A very small number of people are allergic to DHA and may break out in red spots. If you have ever had a reaction to sunless tanning, please let us know prior to your appointment.

You should not have a spray tan if you -
are pregnant (in the 1st timester)
suffer from eczema
suffer from psoriasis
have any broken skin (cuts)

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